New Police Sketch For Toronto Strangler looks suspiciously like Steph Curry.

     On June 9th, 2019 the Toronto Sheriff’s department released the an updated police sketch rendering of the man they believe to be responsible for dozens of strangle deaths in the Toronto Area over the last 20 years. Many have been quick to point out it looks suspiciously like Golden State Warriors star guard Steph Curry.

     The sketch was complied by the combined descriptions of over 8,000 witnesses who have come forward over the last 2 weeks. “ I’ve been meaning to come forward but I just been busy however I clearly remember it being a 6’4” bi-racial slender man, with feminine features, and soft eyes” one witness says; Another anonymous witness was more direct “I just straight up told them it was Steph Curry”.

      The timing of the witness coming forward does somewhat diminish the credibility of their accounts as all 8,000 witness have come forward in the last 2 weeks since the Golden State/Toronto NBA finals was locked in.

     Not only is the timing suspicious the Sheriff’s department says the description of the Strangler seems a little too specific. Toronto Sheriff Mike Pjulic listed some of the unusual description s– We’ve gotten “He strangled her while chewing on half of a mouthpiece” and “I saw him Rip off warm up pants and then attack her”. Some were a little more well though out then others as one witness stated “ He was wearing a Steph Curry jersey and we saw Ayesha holding his kids right behind him”

      These recent witness accounts also contradict the previous witness account over 20 years that all describe the assailant as being a 40-50 year old stocky white male.

      While we at The Winchester Weekly cant confirm nor deny Steph Curry strangled 30 Women over the course of 20 years starting when he was 11; it is worth noting he did live in Toronto as a child when his father Dell Curry, played for the Toronto Raptors.

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