Kawhi Leonard posts resume on Indeed.com — Questionable for Game 1

     Kawhi Leonard, arguably the best player in the league and leader of the Eastern Conference champion Toronto Raptors sent shock waves through the league earlier today when he posted his resume on the popular job hosting site Indeed.com.

     In what is a short and shockingly poorly written Resume, Kawhi’s resume does not appear that enticing to future employers.

     We asked an anonymous employer who view Kawhi’s resume on why he passed, he revealed“ Welp, while he did have impressive basketball experience, his listed skills as “ Big Hands, Shot blocking, and Lockdown Defense don’t really translate well into the accounting field. I hope the basketball thing works out or he might end up flipping burgers.”

     Employers may also be turned off by the fact that his resume is handwritten, in crayon, and appears to have been uploaded with a very old cell phone camera.

     The Timing of Kawhi uploading this is worrisome as he is set to begin the NBA finals in 2 days.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst weighed in “Sure, you would like your superstar/ franchise player to be focused on the biggest game of of his life and in the history of Canada. But we can’t fault a man for thinking about his future. A little extra pocket change couldn’t hurt.” It should be noted Kawhi is set to sign a 250$ million dollar deal in 1 month.

     Appearing to be “’dressing for the Job he wants, not the Job he has, Kawhi arrived to Raptors media day wearing a Mechanics Jump Suit with oil all over his hands.

      Update: Kawhi has been hired as Janitor for the local YMCA. He is questionable for game 1 as long as he can get his shift covered.

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