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Bryce Harper bat flip claims 4th life this season.

     The league said it plans to talk about post home run bat flipping at the annual 2020 Winter meetings after A Bryce Harper bat flip claimed its 4th life this season. Leading to his 7th homerun of the year last Tuesday against the Atlanta Braves; Harper mashed a 2-2 fastball into the upper decks. As the crowd erupted into cheers Harper took 3 steps out of the batters box and did his signature “bat flip”. The bat-flip found its way into the 18th row, still spinning viciously and striking longtime Philly fan, and mother of 7, Kathy Shend in the head causing a brain hemorraghe. She was pronounced dead at the hospital later that night.
     Shend marks the 4th victim of a Harper celebration this season and 7th in the last 4 years. Earlier this year a broken bat homerun by Harper led to a half bat flip that sliced the Aorta of a fan in line at the concession stand.This was following his 1st Homerun of the season which led Bryce to flip his bat out of the stadium, onto I-95, smashing the windshield of a Ford Tahoe and causing a 4 car accident that killed 2.

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