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Saved By The Bell being rebooted with original cast in original roles

Netflix has announced that it will be picking up a reboot of Saved by the Bell that follows a 13 year old Zack Morris navigating his way through the perils of high school with his signature charm and wit. The curious part however is that they announced it will feature the original cast in their original roles.     

You heard that right, 44 year old mark Paul Gosselar will reprise his role as high school freshman Zach Morris; as will Mario Lopez, Tiffani Thiesen and the rest of the gang.The series will stay close to the plot of the original series with the cast dealing with First dates, Parent trouble, teen peer pressure and going through puberty. It remains to be seen how well actors who experience these life milestones over 3 decades ago can recreate the emotions that go along with them.

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Critics shocked at 25 Minute Avengers: Endgame full penetration sex scene.

A select few critics that were granted early access to Avengers: Endgame were appalled to discover a 25 minute full penetration sex scene early on in the movie.The scene calls into question the movies PG-13 rating. “I brought my 6 year old daughter as a birthday present and she is currently in the trauma center at New York Medical crying and shaking uncontrollably” Said Senior Critic from MovieTimes Bob Jackson, who as a result is now being investigated by DYFS.         

 Critics also don’t seem to feel the scene was necessary. The scene which is between Thor and Captain Marvel reportedly comes out of nowhere when the remaining Avengers leave the room after a group meeting on how to deal with the villain Thanos. As one Critic described it “They hadn’t spoke to each other the entire meeting, then all of the sudden they just lock eyes and charge towards each other” said the critic who begged to remain anonymous”. He also stated that while the movie’s score is incredible and present throughout the entire film that these 25 minutes are hauntingly silent.”All you hear is skin rubbing, grunts, and vague moans that when coming through IMAX speakers make the act feel dirty and illegal”. 

You Already Know

      According to reports the scene also doesn’t even tie in to the rest of the movie and is never acknowledged by anyone. “We thought that since about 15 minutes in Captain America is seen looking through the window and watches for about 5 minutes with tears in his eye that this may be the beginning of a love triangle. But No! Not at one fucking time does this scene get acknowledged ever as Thor and Captain Marvel don’t even speak for the rest of the film “ an 8 year old fan who was there on behalf of the Make-a-Wish foundation states.
      However despite the curious scene the movie currently stands at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes critics meter with reviews such as “a hot edgy fuck fest” and “ An incredible film with some sultry surprises”
      As to what other surprises lie in store, the rest of us will just have to wait until the film is released April 26

Bryce Harper bat flip claims 4th life this season.

     The league said it plans to talk about post home run bat flipping at the annual 2020 Winter meetings after A Bryce Harper bat flip claimed its 4th life this season. Leading to his 7th homerun of the year last Tuesday against the Atlanta Braves; Harper mashed a 2-2 fastball into the upper decks. As the crowd erupted into cheers Harper took 3 steps out of the batters box and did his signature “bat flip”. The bat-flip found its way into the 18th row, still spinning viciously and striking longtime Philly fan, and mother of 7, Kathy Shend in the head causing a brain hemorraghe. She was pronounced dead at the hospital later that night.
     Shend marks the 4th victim of a Harper celebration this season and 7th in the last 4 years. Earlier this year a broken bat homerun by Harper led to a half bat flip that sliced the Aorta of a fan in line at the concession stand.This was following his 1st Homerun of the season which led Bryce to flip his bat out of the stadium, onto I-95, smashing the windshield of a Ford Tahoe and causing a 4 car accident that killed 2.

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1 Month until Release; The Avengers hasn’t begun filming

Marvel brass are scrambling to put together a film, after learning that the Final Avengers film due out April 26th, that is set to be the biggest box office smash of all time, has not begun filming.Calling it a gross oversight Marvel lead Kevin Feige is still not sure what happened. “ We were schedule to film the movies back to back and when we wrapped the 1st script everybody assumed that was it” said Feige.

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