Smarty Jones wins 15th Straight Kentucky Derby

     In a stretch of dominance that may never be seen again Smarty Jones, born Horse #678-92, has won the Kentucky derby for the 15th year in a row. In a race that is dominated by 3 year olds an 18 year old Smarty Jones winning is truly hard to believe.
     “At an age where most race horses have been dead for 7 years, to win the derby just shows how dedicated this horse is to greatness” said Tom Jansen, Smarty’s trainer of 10 years”. “When most horses are relaxing, eating hay, and being put out to stud, Smarty is in the weight room, getting in those hoof presses and horse leg training”.
     Opposing Jockeys have questioned how good this continued racing is for Smarty’s healthy. Mike Spence a jockey who race against Smarty two years ago recalls one horrifying race imparticular; “It was like he had no soul, he ran hard but Im pretty sure he didn’t blink or breathe once, and I saw multiple patches of his skin fall of throughout the race” Spence Said. Another Jockey Stated “I’m pretty sure they buried him in Pet Cemetery because that ain’t no horse anymore”.
    Smarty declined to comment for this story.

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