Saved By The Bell being rebooted with original cast in original roles

Netflix has announced that it will be picking up a reboot of Saved by the Bell that follows a 13 year old Zack Morris navigating his way through the perils of high school with his signature charm and wit. The curious part however is that they announced it will feature the original cast in their original roles.     

You heard that right, 44 year old mark Paul Gosselar will reprise his role as high school freshman Zach Morris; as will Mario Lopez, Tiffani Thiesen and the rest of the gang.The series will stay close to the plot of the original series with the cast dealing with First dates, Parent trouble, teen peer pressure and going through puberty. It remains to be seen how well actors who experience these life milestones over 3 decades ago can recreate the emotions that go along with them.

Mark Paul Gosselar on set as 14 yr old Zack Morris

     “We just don’t think anybody can portray these iconic characters like the original cast so we brought them back” Said Reed Hastings, the president of Netflix. We pressed Mr Hastings on the issue that Mark Paul Gosselar and the rest of the cast are now 5 years older than their on-screen parents. “ The cast is so in tune with the characters and how they acted in their teens that I don’t see it becoming an issue.     

It is also worth noting all the extras and future cast members will be appropriate high school age. We caught up with Head of HR for Netflix Patty Mccord, who admitted she hasn’t slept since the announcement, to discuss future HR issues. “ The main concern is how the public will react to seeing Mark Paul Gosselar in a relationship with a 14 year old actress. Is it even legal?” Mccord said holding back tears. “ We are looking into child therapist to help these young actress’ recover and lead a normal life after their scenes.”     

Some good news has come from this as Timmy Jenkins the 13 year old actor cast to play 42 year old Tiffani Thiessen love interest has become an overnight Instagram star amassing 12 million followers since the announcement, and by friends accounts, has been bragging non stop for 2 weeks.

The reboot which has been given an R- rating is set to premier in early 2020

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