1 Month until Release; The Avengers hasn’t begun filming

Marvel brass are scrambling to put together a film, after learning that the Final Avengers film due out April 26th, that is set to be the biggest box office smash of all time, has not begun filming.Calling it a gross oversight Marvel lead Kevin Feige is still not sure what happened. “ We were schedule to film the movies back to back and when we wrapped the 1st script everybody assumed that was it” said Feige.

       A call from Special FX lead Tony Pritch discovered the oversight when he called the producers to see why he hadn’t been chosen to lead ‘EndGame’ CGI, and he recalls being met with Gasps followed by 20 seconds of silence, a loud “Fuck!” before the phone disconnected. Needless to say this drastically changes the original storyline for Endgame.      

There is no chance to push release back as 100s of millions have been spent on marketing, press, merchandise, and theater deals. If the movie is going to be profitable it needs to be released in April. An Insider says writers have tossed around ideas of a 2 hr therapy session between the avengers and Thanos that would be easy to film or possibly having the avengers get trapped in a room for 3 hours and having to work together to get out.    

However it was soon discovered the only actor not with prior obligations is Jeremy Renner so it appears this movie will be Hawkeye-Heavy. “We’re just going to explore the origin of his arrows and maybe Thanos’ gauntlet cant stop arrows or something, I don’t know.” An unnamed writer said fighting through tears.    

At the time of this article Directors Anthony and Joe Russo were last seen boarding a plane to Mexico.

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